Levi who...?

In short, I'm a bit of nut. I carry a camera everywhere. And you're going to love the time we spend making art together.

For more about me than you probably need to know, keep reading...

Names and Rhythms
I've got two sets of drum sticks, one black and one brown, both a little heavier than most I've seen other drummers use. Oh, I'm no drummer--I couldn't find rhythm in the dictionary. Which just shows that it's not a genetic trait: the sticks belonged to a grandfather of mine, Levi Axtell. Yep, no rhythm in these bones. I keep time by the count of frames per second as my camera makes pictures.

And if my camera isn't making pictures, I'm likely to become grumpy. See, for me, Making, Creating, doing Art is a requirement, a basic need to sustain life. It started with drawing as a child, traveled through sculpture as a young man, dabbled seriously in woodwork, and came back to the photo bug that first bit me in high school. Creating tangible works of art, however worthy, sets the rhythms of my life the way I imagine Grandpa Levi set the Rhythms for the infantry. Creating keeps my life instep, and gives me a little tie to my namesake.

Sustainable Photography
While digital photography has the potential to be the greenest art medium in the history of man, that's not exactly what I mean. Sustainable Photography is about me being able to both support my family and fill your life with art.

When I'm making pictures with you, I'm fulfilling my dream, and that means I'm having fun. And believe it or not, I'm having just as much fun when I'm working with your two year old terror as I am when making high production fashion style images; that means you'll be having fun, too.

So, if you're having fun and getting great art to boot, then you'll want to bring me your business, and refer your friends, too (hint, hint). That means I'll be making art of your life and providing for my family. See how this is Sustainable Photography?

Original Art
Sustainable Photography also requires continuous innovation and education on my part. My goal is to always make an original piece of art for you or your family. Original, every time. This requires that I constantly practice my craft so that when you are with me I have a quiver full of fresh ideas to create with you; it also ensures that the tools of my trade don't get in the way of our creative process.

And I am constantly practicing. You'll see me walking around town, camera in hand, or working with my students from BATC, finding light and interesting places to make pictures and practicing techniques so that when we get together I am ready to provide you with a fun experience creating great art.